Saturday, August 20, 2005

If you have kids around age 8 and up, then you should know about the 'Choking Game' Peer pressure plays a large part in this.

Kids from age 8 all the way into high school (but really strong in the
middle school/junior high years) are sometimes playing a 'game' that
goes by many names - some of them are:

The Dream Game
Pass Out

It may be called something else in your area.

What it is is basically kids tying something around each others' necks
to induce unconsciousness, then releasing the ligature so oxygen comes
back to the brain and they get a head 'rush.'

Psychologists on the show noted that it's not 'bad' or troublemaking,
drug using kids who do this, but usually the straight-as-an-arrow
kids. The idea/game is usually introduced at parties.

Kids in that age group are really into experimenting with their
bodies, and they don't realize they could DIE from doing this.
They usually don't have access to other drugs and they are seeking
this 'high.'...they are kids that would generally say no to taking
drugs and alcohol but they don't think of this as being dangerous.

Kids will try to do this by and to themselves, using bungie-cords,
belts, dog collars, whatever. When done by themselves, once
unconsciousness happens and there isn't anyone around to remove the
neck tie, then of course death occurs.

Some signals that it may be happening is if your child is suddenly
spending a lot more time alone in his or her room than usual.
Also to look for: bloodshot eyes, complaint of headache, if you find
things knotted and tied to your child's bed or other furniture.

A scary thing is that they are even finding websites and chatrooms
dedicated to this deadly 'game.' The experts recommend that parents do
a check of the History on their computer to see if their children have
visited any of these sites (look for anything that sounds related or
unfamiliar to you).

Please let your friends know about this if they have kids in this age
group. I talked to my kids about it and one of them said she had heard
of Pass Out, that it sounded familiar.



Lawrence KS

ABC News/ 20/20

CBS News


Jill said...

Scary stuff!

Suzanne said...

Oh, wow, that is terrible. I'm going to ask my kids if they've heard of this game!


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