Sunday, August 28, 2005


Such a pretty name for a horrible storm. I am really worried for the people there. What a terrible thing to have to go through.

Yesterday in a report on CNN, I heard the emergency management leader for the Parish that New Orleans is in (can't remember what the name of the parish is, but his name was Walter Maestri ) said that fatalities could be 44,000. Today, I haven't heard them replay that report. I bet that they were asked to please not play it anymore, it was sending people into panic...and to get all those people out of there, they need people to pay attention and take it very seriously, but panic doesn't help anyone. People actually die because of panic I guess that is wise, but wow, it is so frightening.

I was just telling my daughter that no matter how technologically advanced we get in our world, - and here we are, knowing this thing is coming, and there is really nothing people can do except run and pray.

We really need a Jimmy Neutron to destroy it before it hits, but that's fantasy. Reality bites.
It makes us realize how truly helpless we we can send a space shuttle on missions, go to the moon, etc...but we can't stop this monster.

I live near Atlanta, so I expect some storms, and maybe even some tornado warnings, but that is all we will have to cope with.

Residents of Biloxi MS and New Orleans LA... Please be safe, forget about material stuff, and just get out of there with your loved ones. We'll all try to help you recover from this. I am really sorry and wish there was more we could do.

PS I found a roundtable discussing that includes Walter Maestri on Not any more hopeful, but good information on Hurricane Katrina as it relates to New Orleans. HERE IT IS


Tee said...

Hurricanes and such do create such a helpless feeling. I've tried not to watch too much news on it. I wonder what is going on right now. Just saying a prayer. That's all I can do for now.

I like the details on the drawing above, and good call on the archs.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Thanks Tee, yes I know I have also watched a bit too much of CNN...especially yesterday. I noticed it was getting me all tense and there was nothing I could do. Pretty sad.
Latest news today is that the superdome roof is leaking...egads! All we can do is hope for the best, but as moms, our hearts just go out to those moms, we know what they must be going through with their kids and all, trying to hold it all together. I am afraid I wouldn't do very well under those conditions. Very stressful.


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