Thursday, August 25, 2005

Here is the last illustration (in progress/unfinished) for the history book. This portrait is of Empress Theodora. All the reference pictures I can find of her show her very in, mosaic. No depth or realism at I am basing the artwork on those, but 'fleshing' her out, rounding her, going to make her look more like a real person, because...hey, she was!

Because I want her to look like a real person, I'm not really sure whether the 'halo' effect is going to stay or go. In real life, she would not have had a halo around her head, is my argument.

My husband on the other hand (my resident historian) thinks that to keep the halo would allow her to represent her time period better. But no other people in the book have halos, is my response to that...I am open to opinions. Please throw me a comment! The halo is there right now, because it's a lot easier to have it in the artwork and then cover it up if needed later, than to not have it there and then later need to try to erase graphite pencil to put it in.

I think that the kids age 8-14 (target age for the book) will be more intrigued if they can see all the historical people described in the book as real people who lived in real times.

This drawing still looks cartoonish at this stage, but within the next day or so, you will see it evolve. Be sure to check back!

PS: Dad, I miss you. I know you are having the best birthday ever in Heaven. Big hugs!


MJ said...

I don't know much about her, but maybe the halo was put there representing her kindness/ goodness she portrayed towards mankind. I think that especially since you said none of the other people in the book have halos. Maybe that was the only way they could describe her without using words. I like the picture the way it is, but I'm sure when it's finished it'll be wonderful.

Terri Johnson said...

I'm thinking that she could do without the halo - she isn't the mother of Jesus, nor a saint, so the halo seems a bit much. I just prefer the more realistic touch that you have been giving to the characters.


Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

I agree, and hey, less work for moi!
LOL! :)

Suzanne said...

I think unless she was a saint (is she?) that she wouldn't have a halo. Personally, though, I like the halo, but I like medieval-styled art like that. But in terms of making it more real to kids that age, probably no halo would make her feel more accessible to them.


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