Saturday, July 02, 2005

Yesterday I had 2 doctor's appointments (trying to maximize my ability to travel on my husband's days off). I went to the obstetrician in the morning - I had the glucose test and failed it, but failed it with a low number (140 is the cutoff for high level of normal, and my number was 147). So, because I didn't fail it in a major way, they want me to go to the lab in about a week for a 3 hour test, so they can see if it is a serious enough case of gestational diabetes that I might need insulin or if diet will be enough to manage it. When I was pregnant the last time, the number I had was 160, so farrrrr off the chart that they knew I didn't need to have the 3 hour test that time. So the 147 is really nothing to worry about. I am actually supposed to eat a diet for 3-5 days that includes soft drinks (with sugar) and desserts! That is so that when I take the 3 hour test, they will know that my body isn't just spiking because it's not used to having by having moderate amounts of sweets added in, it is to get my body used to having some. I know, it is confusing, isn't it?

I got home about lunchtime, was able to have a short nap, then I had to get some artwork ready to mail out, went to post office (boy was it HOT out there!) and then I went to yet another doctor's office (by the hospital) to have my ultrasound. The baby is estimated to be about 3 POUNDS already!!! He is at the 100th percentile, so he is going to be a big boy. The amniotic fluid level is less than it was, and it looks pretty good. I will probably not go back to this specialist unless it is needed for gestational diabetes, which we won't know until I have the 3 hour test.

I got verification again that it's a boy, he looks really cute in the ultrasound pictures. I'm going to see if they scan decently, and if so, I will post one or two here later.

The numbness I have been having in my arms is due to carpal tunnel syndrome! It's just temporary because of being pregnant and retaining water (oh joy!) But still, I was relieved to hear I wasn't having strokes!

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