Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today my goal is to get all my ducks in a row, so to speak. I noticed that when my dad died (May 4, 2005), I had lots of papers and print outs of photographs that related to portrait art commissions I needed to do...and they kind of got strewn around in the CHAOS* that followed.

I really would be a great subject for the HGTV program Mission: Organization. I would LOVE it if one of the organizers came over here and slapped me around. I have even let emails from clients get into more than one email account, which adds to the confusion (at least I am noticing, learning, and I already put a stop to THAT error!)

Really, I could drive myself nuts sometimes. One time a friend asked me if I have ADD. Well, I have never been diagnosed, but I do definitely have to constantly refocus myself to stay on task, or what the goal is for the day. That is where keeping the blog really does help me.

When I write a 'to-do' list, I tend to lose the list. I practically need another list to remind me not to lose the first 'to-do' list. Today I am getting all the info together and sorting it by client and getting it (and all the needed information) into my manila folders and then I will work like a crazy woman to get caught up. I found out at my last Obstetrician appointment that my iron is low, and now I am on supplements and finally feeling my energy level perk up a bit. I also have the gestational diabetes and that is definitely not helping my situation. But I know if I stay focused today, I can do it.

*CHAOS = (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

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