Monday, July 18, 2005

It is starting out to be a typical day for me. Woke up early (5:30 am) so I could get some work done. I am thrilled that I could actually get a shower before my toddler boy woke up! It is a little thing to most people, I suppose...but a big thing to me. Realization hit midshower that shaving legs takes entirely too much time (mainly because I'm pregnant and have to work around that big ole belly!) Sorry, that was too much information, huh?

The dog is barking rhythmically that he wants to go outside. This is a daily thing that we have down to a science. My daughters do a weekly trade off the responsibility of taking him out. The rhythmic barking is only intermittingly interrupted by DD1 or DD2 shouting at him to be quiet. Then I join the beat by shouting at the daughters to take the dog out. All I need to do now is have the toddler wake up and give him some castenets and we will have a band.

Today I must re-figure out how to use the digital camera. I used to know how to use it, but I guess I am just losing that ability...if I don't use it often, I forget. I have an artwork that is too big for the scanner. Time to get crackin.

I hope you have a great day! I know everyone says 'hey, have a great day!' and perhaps they aren't sincere, but I really mean it when I say, 'hey, have a great day!' so hey, have a great day!

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