Saturday, July 30, 2005

I went to the Obstetrician and after I got home, we went to eat at On the Border (near Gwinnett Place Mall, it's good!) and then Toys R Us over there and Frys Electronics. We mainly just looked, but I did catch a good diaper sale at Toys R Us!

Diapers are no-tax this weekend, that was neat. I'm thinking about stocking up on some diapers during the weekend to take advantage of it. What diapers have to do with 'back to school, ' I have no idea!

By the way, I passed the glucose test...but they are advising me to watch out for carbs so I can keep from making the baby super big! Heard the heartbeat again today, it is very strong and very loud! About 135 beats (I guess that's per minute?) Anyway, they said that was good.
I am at 29 weeks. Just 10-11 easy weeks to go (haha)

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