Thursday, July 07, 2005

I just came upon an article about how Johnney Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory eerily resembles Michael Jackson. Here is the article. This is so funny, because my daughter and I were talking about this just the other day. My daughter is nearly 12 years old, and she was the one who pointed the similarities out to me! But she said that Johnney Depp is much better looking, if she had to choose one. So people might get them confused, so let me clear this up. Although they resemble the same freak, they are actually entirely separate freaks.

I'm glad I was here to clear that up.

Wow, we had some really strong storms here last night. I stayed up until midnight so I could be the savior of our family, in case there was a tornado. There was (and is, I think until 4 pm today) a flash flood watch also. Parts of Atlanta were flooded. I think some parts of downtown Lawrenceville GA are still flooded as I write this. Gwinnett County had wind of up to 50 mph. Some trees were down on roads (I haven't seen this today, this is just what they said on the radio). My satellite TV reception was useless during the storm. We listened to AM 750 WSB Neal Boortz's show. We really need to move our satellite dish....either that, or this is just the nature of satellite TV? I'm not sure.

Agree or disagree, Neal is always an interesting character.
Last night he enlightened his listeners about Public Schools, which he doesn't call Public Schools, he calls them Government Schools. He stressed how public school teachers are government employees - unionized, with the goals that most government workers have (cover their butts, hide from responsibility, etc). He thinks all parents should homeschool. I'll be thrilled to do that...I guess Neal will be sending me a check to help me do pay for the homeschooling supplies AND my psychological therapy sessions? LOL!

I will tell ya, nothing makes you respect teachers more than to help your 11 year old daughter prepare for the CRCT using a computer program. You'd think the computer program would make it easy, and it does help, but is not an easy row to hoe. Teaching requires huge amounts of patience. I probably learned more than my daughter did. I have learned that maybe homeschooling isn't for me, but parents certainly shouldn't be complacent and expect the public (gub'ment) school system to teach our children everything. I will need to supplement more at home in the future to make sure they are ready for the major tests.

Oops I got off topic again...the storms caused a lot of water to be in our backyard, which led to some new pregnancy dreams. In last night's dream installment, a lot of people and their kids were playing in the water in our backyard. Parents were letting their toddlers play in the water (which in the dream was pretty deep!)...the toddlers were wearing swim pants (that's how prepared these parents were!) I had to go out there and ask them not to do that (fear of snakes!)
and the parents acted like I was being a real party pooper, yet in my dream these same people would be the first ones to sue me if their kid was hurt out there in my yard! So one lady brings her toddler boy into my house, and she lets him stand on my kitchen table, while his swim diaper leaked in huge puddles all over my table and onto the floor. Of course, the dream mother acted like it was no big deal, and I was the one being unreasonable. I can't stand dream parents. LOL

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