Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I got an email from one of the sites that I received an award from. They couldn't locate my link to them. So, I emailed them back to tell them where their link could be found. (on the Awards page, imagine that!) Today I checked my email and they are informing me that they 'require' that their link be either on the main page of the site or just one click away from it. If I put everyone's link on the main page or just one click away from it, do you know how TACKY my site would look? I hate to lose my link from that site, because it was a pretty nice link partner, but oh well. It is definitely not my best link in to my site so I am going to just let it go. I can't serve everyone I link with in this way, nor do I require people who link my site to link my site where I want them to. I can't treat one like a princess and the rest like normal folk LOL.
Support equal rights through linking - hahah!

I am probably a bit testy because I have been fighting some kind of virus. I have had some fever, but I have no idea how much fever, because Little Man (nearly 2 years old now) has played with the digital thermometer and now I can't find it anywhere. I've had that nasty sore throat and ears that hurt when I swallow.

Well I'm online early so I can get some stuff done. I better get on with it.

Life changing site of the day:
We saw a documentary about Jonny Kennedy, who died of EB two years ago. The documentary is called The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off.
What an incredible man, hopefully through his efforts to bring awareness to this skin disease it can be eradicated so others won't have to go through what he suffered. Please order the EB Awareness fundraiser bracelets!!!!

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Here is more information on Jonny Kennedy


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