Saturday, May 21, 2005

It's an overcast day here in Snellville GA. It is hard to get motivated to do much today.
I have two pencil portraits to do some final touch ups on. I also have some age regression portraits that will be in colored pencil, and I MUST start them ASAP! I also have a client I need to meet with (call first). I am happy that I am finally starting to get back into the art groove. I wish there was some way to jump-start myself, but I tell myself that I am a little dull because of my dad's death, and it's not going to be an instant bounce back.

DD2 is on a Girl Scouts camping trip, so it's weirdly quiet around fighting among the twins! DD1 is quietly playing with Bratz dolls. She and I might go to a friend's Tupperware party later on today. Just to get out. Just to buy some Tupperware. LOL

The dog is acting buggy today. I don't think he is feeling well. He is very jumpy. I have been taking him outside a lot and giving him a lot of affection.

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