Monday, April 11, 2005

We have the opportunity to help a good cause - and maybe you just
might have some extras of the following supplies in your house.

You know probably, of the little girl named Jessica Marie Lunsford who
was taken from her home and killed (the one who they think was buried
alive). There is a message board and web-group working to mobilize to
toughen the laws that protect children from repeat offenders.

If you have any of the following items that you could donate to them
in order to set up their offices, let me know and I will get you the
mailing address to send the things to.


Since we are still looking for office space in both locations this
will be a preliminary list. More will follow. And remember this is
100% Voluntary. For some of the items we can help with shipping costs
and if the items located are at a reduced price let us know that too.
Thank you everyone.

1. Printer Paper
2. 2 fax machines (we have one set for shipment on Tuesday but need
3. Note pads
4. Pens
5. Post it notes
6. Appointment keepers (several)
7. Pencils
8. Pencil sharpeners (2)
9. Desks
10.Desk blotters
11.File cabinets
12.Folders and spacers for drawers.
13.White out
14.Rolladex (3)
15.Dual Coffee Makers (3)
16.Paper clips
17.Staplers (several)
18. Key Maps for and the surrounding counties of Citrus County and
Harris County Texas (Loose leaf version)

Depending on the item(s) being donated I will have to let you know the
address to ship to.

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