Thursday, April 21, 2005

I love my electric lawnmower!

Thinking about buying a new lawnmower? I shared my opinion about lawnmowers with a friend of mine, and I realized it might help someone if I posted it in my blog.

If your yard isn't huge, check out
the electric models. I have the Black and Decker 'Lawn Hog' electric
mower, it is usually about $200 or less, then get a 100' electrical
cord for outside use.

No gas to buy, (which is especially nice with the prices of gas now!)
and best of all, especially if you have allergies like I do - no fumes. It
is also MUCH lighter than a gas model. I can mow with one hand if I want!
When I was pregnant with my last baby, I even mowed up until about maybe the
7th month (mainly stopped just because of the Georgia heat).

I thought I was terribly allergic to the grass when I was cutting, and
I am a little bit, but I have found since having this mower, it is
actually the dang fumes that come from walking behind a gas mower that
were making me feel really ill after mowing.

Now I actually LIKE mowing. No obnoxious tiring cranking, just click
and go. No big deal to start and stop when kids want something. My
girls also have mowed with it starting at age 9 (with supervision of
course). It mulches or you can buy an optional bag attachment. It is
quieter than a gas model also.

Only drawback is dealing with the cord, but there is a pattern to
mowing so it doesn't get in the way. It is not hard to do at all.
I gladly deal with it, rather than struggle with oil, gas,
maintenance, cranking, and fumes. Just look up Black and Decker or
Lawn Hog electric lawnmower on to see it.

If you want to avoid the cord and don't mind paying more for the mower
initially, the Neutron mower looks really nice. It has a rechargeable
battery that comes out of the mower to charge up, and once charged
will run for 12 hours. It is quiet enough that you can have a
conversation while it's running. I'm going to get this one next time
:) Here is link for that one:

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