Wednesday, April 27, 2005

FILE UNDER: Wee Little Things That Drive Me Nuts Department

Confusion of when to use the word 'to' and when to use 'too.'
Example that misuses both: "I was to lazy too pay attention in English class."

Confusion of the words 'discreet' and 'discrete.'
Discreet means to have good judgment in behavior, to be unobtrusive.
Discrete means disconnected elements, separate entities.

Confusion of the words 'complimentary' and 'complementary.'
Complimentary means given free or that a compliment was given.
Complementary means that something mutually completes what one thing might lack - something that goes along with...

Schools calling English class "Language Arts."
I find this especially irritating, because no language is studied in "Language Arts" other than English - they are just trying to appear to embrace diversity. I am all for kids learning Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese. I think foreign languages are wonderful to learn. I just think if they call French class French class, then they should call English class - well,
English class! If I was a kid, I'd go by the adults example. Ignore homework and just call it 'alternative learning.'

Thank you so much - now I have that off my chest I can do some art.
I am turning into a female Dennis Miller LOL
Click on Comments below, and tell me what little thing gets on your nerves.
Trust me, you will feel better! :)

Tomorrow's rant will be about people who don't understand how to navigate a four way stop.

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