Saturday, March 12, 2005

Wow, what a wild couple of days it's been in the Atlanta area. The Gwinnett Police caught Brian Nichols, the guy who shot and killed several people at the Fulton County Courthouse. I was so glad when I saw that he had been captured. How did this guy go from a good programming job at UPS to raping his girlfriend and torturing her for three days, and then to get loose and kill people at the courthouse and go on the lam? I wonder what it is that made him snap? Very odd. The guy is obviously hurting in his heart. I really want to hate the person for doing this, but it's his actions we should hate, and not the person, after all God loves him too (yes, hard to believe isn't it?!?) but he does.

I feel terrible for the victims, one of them lived right here in Snellville, Julie Brandau. I found a photo of Judge Rowland Barnes online and I'm thinking if I can get it to print out well enough, I will do a portrait and send it to his family.

I cheered when I found out it was the Gwinnett Police that got him. YAY guys, you do a great job, we are really proud of our Gwinnett Police, and I'm not just schmoozing to avoid getting a ticket. :)

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