Monday, March 21, 2005

Vocabulary Building

I'm sorry that it is a little
risque but innocent in its risque-ness!

I took my daughter (age 11) with me to Lowe's Home Center to
get the glass cut for the window repair (we did it ourselves, just us
two girls by the way!!!)

Anyway, while we're at the Hardware service counter waiting in a long
line, she saw a display of front door brass hardware.

She yells out excitely: "WOW, NICE KNOCKERS!!!"

My mouth fell open, then I realized she was commenting on the brass
DOOR knockers in the display. I almost fell down laughing!

On the way home she had to ask me what was so funny, she knew she had
said SOMETHING she shouldn't have, maybe, but she wasn't sure. She
asked me what 'knockers' are, and I told her what that word is slang for.

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