Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Now comes the time of the day that I must make a decision. I am really tired after running after DS (17, almost 18 months old) but I have work to do...not only art work, but laundry (which I have been trying to work on all day) , tidying up (which was starting to work until DS crumbled saltine crackers all over the furniture). I also have trash I need to take out and the dishes are piled up. I also MUST finish up PW's artwork!

DS has been Mr. Active all day long. He didn't take any morning nap. He discovered he could throw the bouncy rubber ball at the fireplace and have it bounce back. So he did that 3,984,001 times (estimated). He has turned the TV on and off 3,005,862 times, opened and closed the door to his room 1,007,354 times. He has fallen down 4 times. I wiped his nose 15 times.

Alright, as you know I am exaggerating, but not much. I think I have just realized that a compromise is in order. We are taking my brother in law out for birthday dinner tonight and I really need to get energized if I'll make it through that late tonight....so I'll nap 1 hour of DS's possible 1-hour nap...then I'll use the 2nd hour of his nap to do some work. Ah, that's the ticket.

DS made me laugh or smile 9,999,999 times or so today, so it's worth it.

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Cindy said...

We had some kids over for the Super Bowl, and the 18-month old went to the TV about 400 times. He also found the volume dial on the receiver and turned down the tv about 9000 times. And he would be all sly about it and then rush over to the tv, so you couldn't stop him.

I guess it's just the age. But I can imagine how annoyed you are. :)

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

oh, not annoyed, just exhausted! Since my twins are 11 now, I know how fast this time will go and every minute of it is precious!

My DS doesn't turn the TV DOWN...he only turns it UP!
He has already figured out how to work the remote!


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