Friday, February 25, 2005

I am up really early again today. I guess this is my new pattern!
I think it's better to get up and get some stuff done in peace and quiet, rather
than fight natural tendencies. I get up, get some work done, and then I go back to bed and sleep pretty well.

I'm thinking of getting some prints of my artwork done. It's an investment, but it does look like when I sell the prints I would make some good profit. It is too easy though, to look at what the 'profit' looks like, but there is a ton of marketing and work that will go into selling them.

We went to Curriculum Night at the girls' school last night. DD1 was giving a presentation. We were very proud of her! The principal of the middle school was there and gave us the lowdown on what the transition to a new school for 6th grade will be like. She reminded me of a Mary Kay Director, in her business suit. I don't know if I'm reassured or not. Well maybe I just have to get to know her. The Vice Principal was a lot more warm. But I tell myself, the principal is not the teacher who will be directly working with my child anyway. I wish there was a magic pill to remove parental angst.

I'm putting some ads in a small magazine. I really need to get that order form faxed.

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