Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I got myself into a grump-fest last night and had a hard time crawling out of that hole. Everything was grating on my nerves. I snapped at my husband.

I needed 16x20" paper for a portrait, and I didn't have that size, but I had ONE sheet of 18"x24," so after some careful marking and measuring I was ready to cut it down to the right size. Then after all that, I notice that the paper is bent in a place that can't be avoided. Well, my client is not going to get the portrait done on bent paper.

My husband suggests I run out to the store to get some, and while I'm at it, get some chocolate, or whatever it takes so I don't kill the family. (he said so jokingly, but hey the PMS can be that bad I swear sometimes!)

So I run out to Hobby Lobby, and they were closing the doors right then. Made me think, there should be a special identification badge for professional artists, so we can get into craft and art stores, even if they're "here's my badge, let me in, don't worry, I'm a PROFESSIONAL!" and they should say in a French accent, "but of course Ms. Dixon! Please entre-vous!" with grandiose arm swooshing and cater to my every whim.

But alas, it doesn't work that way, so I was off to Joann Etc. (we don't have a Dick Blick store or other real 'art' store in Snellville). Yeehaw, Joann's was open until 9 pm, so I was able to shop, but they also didn't have my specific paper I needed in stock. They did have 16x20 size paper, but it was flimsy, non archival stuff that I wasn't going to use. That didn't stop me from buying some other papers and pencils though :) Oh man, I am a MAJOR art and office supply junkie. If I won the lottery, that would probably be the first place I would go.

Still need the 16x20 paper though. Nice excuse to go to some more art shops.

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