Tuesday, December 07, 2004

This post isn't going to be about art. I should probably rename this blog: Stuff From My Brain, because that's all it basically is, and there will be some art thrown in too somewhere...and now, on to the show.

Last night, the City of Snellville GA had the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Briscoe Park. Ah yes! I know! Now that you have seen the pictures, you want to live here too! Snellville - our motto is "Snellville, where everybody's somebody." I always like to make an Orwellian version of that: "where everybody's somebody, but some are more somebody than others." Of course that's more from Animal Farm
than 1984 , but now I've really gotten off topic!

The main reason I brought it up is because my DD2 sang in the lower-school chorus.
I would really like to link the school here, but there are unfortunately weirdoes in the world, and I'd really rather they didn't know where my daughter goes to school. I'm sure you understand :) The school has a really nice website, so it's a shame I can't share it.

Anyhoo, what a windy and cold night it was! (Hey, that's like Snoopy, typing on top of the doghouse: "It was a dark and stormy night.") I sat on a cold, wet chair. The two tissues I had could only absorb so much water.
The lower school chorus did great. Snellville Middle School was there too, but they were on the other side of the stage so I couldn't hear them as well. All those proud parents with their cameras under umbrellas. It warms my heart to see so many proud parents. The Snellville Keenager's Club (a senior citizen group) hosted the whole thing. A lot of work, and they did a great job, refreshments of punch and cookies provided by Bill Rhodes Bakery.

Santa Claus was there - he arrived in a white carriage, drawn by a white horse - with police escort. As I saw the blue light, I wondered if Santa had gotten busted again for breaking employment and immigration laws with the Elves again. Those Elf Unions mean what they say, even though everything they say is in those high pitched Elf voices.

So DD2, her friend Jamilla and I had a fun time there. Justin Webb sang "I'll be Home for Christmas," Rachel Parker sang "Silent Night" beautifully, and Mayor of Snellville, Jerry Oberholtzer did the countdown for the tree lighting. Amazing that Snellville has only 15,000 residents, and yet we have such talented people here (don't forget Diana DeGarmo of American Idol fame is from Snellville).

And now, the Ad for Snellville is over. I hope you enjoyed reading about our city :)
Next year, the tree lighting will be held in our new downtown City Center. We have vowed to tax everyone as they drive through the city to pay for it (hee hee) .But isn't it pretty? It's just a wee wittle tax, you'll hardly feel it, we promise. So c'mon down and spend your money!

I would also like to take this moment to thank Mayor Oberholtzer for my Occupational Business License.
I didn't vote for you, but now I kind of wish I had, you do seem like a nice guy. Maybe next time, eh?

So no art done last night, I was out in the rain and I still have my cough.
The month of December goes by really fast, but I will get caught up...eventually!

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