Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I plan to finish up AH's portrait of her family today. I am really liking how it's coming out. Need to work more on her husband, (just a bit), then her daughter, and then her son. I am working on this artwork in a clockwise pattern - which is the best to avoid smudging. I have many more to do, but I am trying to stay focused on JUST what needs to be done for Christmas. I can sometimes get overwhelmed by the wait list, and I tell myself that I have to be like a horse with blinders on, and just focus on what's right ahead of me - for now. I am going to be doing some age regression portraits for an adoption group, and that is exciting but there will be a lot of them.

Seems like I have a lot more to say, but I am too ccccold right now. I'm off for some breakfast and to do some drawing while listening to Christmas music.
As always, I appreciate you dropping by!

Pencil Portrait Art and Illustration

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