Saturday, December 04, 2004

I am getting over the flu, we are all coughing and sore throats around here...but, we're intrepid and I think today we'll go out and get a tree. Our first 'live' (killed) tree. We have had artificial for a long time but last year we pitched out the raggedy old fake tree. It had that annoying white stuff sprayed on it, and it would get everywhere!

DS hasn't gotten sick because he received the flu shots. He is climbing up on the couch now. He is also pushing buttons on the microwave, so we'll have to move it. So far, he only pushes the 'clear' button, which can be a real pain when you are actually trying to heat anything :)
He likes to hear it go 'beep' over and over.

He is 15 months old. When he needs his diaper changed, I say, 'let's go and change your diaper - c'mon, let's go!' and he will go and lie down and wait on the changing pad. He has also patted his diaper front after he has gone, and he has also gone 'woooooaaahhh' after - so I know he is starting to realize what's going on.
He always goes into the bathroom with me anyway, so I take off his diaper and he'll sit down on his toddler potty too. No pressure, just like a mimicing game.

I give him a little toilet paper to 'wipe' and he wipes his nose with it! He likes to play with the toddler potty because it has a flushing handle and a realistic flushing sound and a little song that plays. (Big thank you to my friend Donna S. for that potty!!!) This Training Rewards Potty Seat by Graco is very similar but lacks the music and flushing noise. Ours does have the detachable soft seat as this one does, which eases transition from the toddler potty to the 'grown up' toilet. I only let him in there to play with the potty if he sits on the potty, so hopefully we will get somewhere with that eventually. Diapers are $15 for a pack, so since he is smart enough, I figure why not encourage it. Any parents out there want potty training advice - I am glad to give is simple. Keep it like a game, they will eventually figure it out. No kid ever went to Kindergarten in diapers, at least none I've ever heard of. Parents approach potty training with trepidation, but it's just a learned skill, just like eating with a spoon is a learned skill. Let them try it and let them learn. I'm not pressuring DS at all to learn, we are just playing. I realize he might be almost 3 yrs old before he totally 'gets' it.

He is eating really good with a spoon, and he can say 'yes' (not that clear, it's more like yeee-ahz'), Mommy, Da-da, and we think he has said DD1 and DD2's names but it's not very clear. One time I could have sworn he said 'outside.' Some days, like today when he is up early, we watch Old Yankee Workshop Classics and I think he is getting to like Norm Abrams. He recognized him today, waved at him and said 'hi.' I told him that that man's name is Norm. He seemed to like him. I don't think he likes the host, Steve, too much. I don't either. haha! Hmmm I don't see Steve on the site, so maybe he isn't with the show anymore. But who couldn't like Norm?

The girls just turned 11 on November 30th. They received money, books, jewelry, toys (pop guns and GameBoy Advance
). They are really growing up!

I have been able to work on artwork a little bit. I keep trying but then the coughing fits start up and I have to lay the artwork aside. Having the flu has decreased the amount of art news I have to share, that's for sure.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

We did not get our tree yet...only so much we can do in one day. Hopefully some night this week we will buy it!


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