Monday, December 13, 2004

Here is today's to-do list, yes I know, pretty boring for you, the reader (sorry), but it will help me be organized to do this (and I need all the help I can get!) Who knows, might help me in an IRS Audit, to show I actually work. hahah

For Work

1 email JC (done) ; 1b: email contest winner C. Ingram(done)
2 Finish AC's portrait
3 email new customer
4 Work on AH's family portrait
5 Mail checks & Artwork
6 & 7 whenever - figure out how the digital camera works (help); figure out how the fax machine works (help)
I might leave 6 and 7 to sometime whenever...I am feeling non-techy and non-coping today. My father in law gave me the fax machine, it's a used one, but appreciated nontheless, and he even gave me the instruction booket. I have of course, used a fax machine before, but every one of 'em is different so I just need to play with it a bit. Maybe hooking it up would be a good start. LOL. I did plug it in, but not the phone jack part.

For Home

laundry (ongoing, hey I have 3 kids, laundry is my LIFE now)
Make the bed so there's a clean place to throw all the laundry!
vacuum bedroom (done, with casualties - see post above)
(have to do while DS is napping later this afternoon, he is so fascinated by the vacuum cleaner)...note to moms, children have gotten 3rd degree burns from upright vacuum cleaners tipping - the brush bars/friction/speed causes it - ever since I read that in Good Housekeeping magazine, I avoid vacuuming when the toddler's around, or I make sure he's in playpen or high chair.

I would love to get back on my FlyLady kick again...I will in January I guess, but for now, all I can do is tread water around here.

Thanks for stopping by, we'll see how I do today.


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