Thursday, December 16, 2004

Desperately wanting to have something interesting to post here today.
Not really together because I got my schedule out of whack. I'm not even sure what time I fell asleep last night, because I fell asleep in the living room in the circa 1978 Barcalounger. Hey, don't laugh, it has 'good bones' as the designers say! Someday I will have it reupholstered, and who will be laughing then! It is hard to find a wingback chair that is a recliner. It's pretty neat.

So anyway, I was cold and wrapped up in a blanket just to get warm, and then I was going to do the dishes and do some drawing. Last thing I remembered, I was watching Curb Appeal on HGTV. They were turning a gray house (one that was last updated in 1954) into a Swiss cottage look. I think I stayed with them until they got it completed, but next thing I knew, it was 1:30 am and Debbie Travis' Painted House was on. As I trudged to bed, I realized I would have to do my artwork today, while DS naps. I'm listening to him complain in his crib now - perhaps there won't be a nap this morning. At least I was able to get the kitchen cleaned up this morning, and the dishes done, while DS was in his high chair. If he's not restrained like Hannibal Lecter, then he wants to 'help,' which is great, if you have all day! But time is a priority these days. I definitely want him to learn and to want to help though. He was so cute in his high chair this morning, he did some coloring. I drew some squares and circles on the paper, and he tried to fill them in. Did a pretty good job of it, too.

I am almost done with AH's family portrait. Her son is giving me fits. Ok, not the real fits, there hasn't been any foaming at the mouth or anything like that, but I am looking at his picture right side up, sideways, and upside down to get his likeness. I am almost there. It would probably be okay with AH at this point, but I have a vision in my mind, and it's not quite there yet. I will work on it some more today. i will also look at the artwork in a mirror. That usually helps me pick out things that need adjusting. Then I will start on SW's portrait. It will be quick and easy. It's just a one subject portrait. The multiple subject portraits, and the ones that require composition of several people from individual photos take the most time, naturally.

If I could be a slapdash artist and just do art quickly to make a buck, I would certainly be more profitable, but I sure couldn't live with myself if I did that. When I see the designers on HGTV and they are picking out a painting to put in a room, all they care about is the size, style and the colors - will it match the room? Many of the art pieces they use seem hideous to me, yet they pay hundreds of dollars for them. I guess I can slap some paint on some canvasses this summer in my garage and sell them to designers. The art will be meaningless and emotion-less. Kind of empty if you ask me. Is that the art people want now? They don't care about the meaning, they just want something to match?

Thomas Kinkade's artwork is now on Glade Air Freshener candles.
Can you guess that I am sort of down on the state of the art world? I realized yesterday that as an artist, I am in a gray area - as a pencil artist, I'm not as respected as 'painters' who do things the old school way, but I don't fit in with the modernists either, because my work is very traditional. So I sit here on my fence in blog world and probably think too much. How would my artwork look on Glade candles anyway? Um, nahhhh.
I'm okay with Thomas Kinkade's art being on those air fresheners - but if John Singer Sargent's art gets merchandised that way, I will definitely get upset. Sargent is one of my all-time art heroes. Oh my, I have an art hero. How nerdy could I be?

On to other things, The girls are very excited because we may have some snow flurries this weekend (we live near Atlanta). The ground is super cold, so I'm hoping if it shows, it will stay awhile. DH has Monday through Christmas Eve off work. It' s going to be very fun. We'll get our Christmas tree tomorrow night, because we didn't get it yet. At least it will be fresh for Christmas. DD2's best friend is Muslim and would like to come over to our house on Christmas. Apparently it's okay with her parents, so it's okay with me. She is a very nice girl and it will be wonderful to have her here.

Well , I'm off to spend time with DS, feed him, etc - then take out the mail, then draw.

Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the art rant.


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Village-Idiot said...

Love the comment "restrained like Hannibal Lecter." It captures the moment perfectly. I've had several moments like that.


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