Wednesday, December 22, 2004

100 Things - here are the next 20....
A continuation of my earlier 20 things (so this is part two of five, or for the Shakespeare fans, Part II of V).

30. I love to look at birds out in the yard. I'd love to have several bird feeders and birdhouses. Seeing birds outside cheers me up and makes me glad I don't put chemicals on our grass.

31. I really like Launch ( ) - you can listen to music while you surf the 'net or just while doing other stuff.

32. I will be taking care of two neighbor's sets of pets over the holidays.

33. I don't mind.

34. I like dogs and it will be fun walking them.

35. I made fresh squeezed orange juice this morning.

36. My parents and my brother sent us boxes of citrus fruits from Texas.

37. Enjoying the fruits but having to give some of it away.

38. Some old movies can make me cry.

39. Don't tell anyone I told you that.

40. I tap danced in my kitchen 2 days ago.

41. Nike shoes aren't very good for tap dancing.

42. I occasionally like watching SpongeBob Squarepants.

43. I took my kids to the SpongeBob Square Pants Movie.

44. I used to think Caller ID was only for people who were trying to avoid their creditors.

45. I now have Caller ID and I love it.

46. It's not much good for avoiding creditors. LOL!!!

47. I like it because when one of my daughters' friends calls, I can give the phone directly to DD1 or DD2, and that saves a lot of time.

48. I have an electric lawn mower and like it (no fumes to choke on like the gas model!)

49. When I got married in 1985, I was one week shy of turning 20.

50. I could barely boil water without an instruction manual.


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