Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Yesterday was sort of a wasted day. I am definitely thinking I might have asthma now. I really had a hard time yesterday. The slightest little bit of movement around the house to get anything done would leave me tired and out of breath. I even broke down and used the inhaler.

I must be the only person on the planet who has trouble using an inhaler properly. It's made so it'll fit the right way into a person's mouth, and all I need to do is inhale deeply and depress the inhaler's button at the same time. Apparently for me, this is like trying to pat the top of ones head and rub stomach at the same time. I keep shooting the inhaler on my tongue. I must've done something right because it did help.

Not being able to breathe well can really get a person down. There are people who live with this constantly, and in a more severe way than I have to...God bless 'em!!! So I'm not going to whine, but I am sorry I wasn't able to accomplish much yesterday.

My chest still feels a bit tight today, but much better than yesterday. Thinking about going to see Dr. G.
I am exhausted. DS wakes up around 3 am most days and then I have trouble going back to sleep.

Today I'll just try to get caught up on some work and spend time playing with DS.

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Village-Idiot said...

My wife was inhailer-challened too. She needed to use one for a short time when she was sick a couple years ago (I think with Bronchitis). Feel better soon.


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