Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I'm up before dawn - again, because DD1 begged "Wake me up earrrrllllly!" So as usual, I try to wake her up but she is determined to keep sleeping.

Last night I was going to start on BH's portrait of her son, but after wrangling 14 month old DS "Taz-boy" I was exhausted.

But RP's portrait is done and he'll get it Saturday. SW's portrait is done and she'll get it sometime soon. Still working on the bull portrait, I received an answer about how to draw the ears. It's a big art piece, in color, it'll be 18x24 so it has a lot of area to cover.

I have had a lot of interested clients lately. I think it'll be one of the busiest Christmas seasons ever! I have thought ahead and already have some Christmas gifts for the kids bought and even wrapped! So I must be learning. I have been pretty sick for two holiday seasons in a row, and this year I am trying not to repeat that performance. I am taking my vitamins every day and will try to keep working on getting enough rest, which brings me back to paragraph one...the kid who wants me to get up early and then won't get up early herself! haha! I mean, really...if an old broad like me can get up, then she sure can. She must be getting ready to be a teenager.

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