Friday, October 01, 2004

I was talking to my neighbor and her daughter last night, and they told me that the daughter still had the portrait I drew for her a long time ago. I had NO IDEA what art they were talking about, so the daughter (now 18 or 19) went in their house and brought the art out. Once I saw it again, I did have some memories come back about it. My twin daughters had just turned a year old when I drew it.

Wow, it's amazing how much aging paper can do in 10 years! That was before I used high quality art materials (what I use now is acid free) I put it on this page so people can see the difference the right paper can make - and I'm also surprised at how much I've improved over 10 years! Check out the sun damage. The paper had gotten ripped over all this time, so when I scanned it I did some repairs, and I'm giving the art back to her tonight.

Check it out!


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