Wednesday, October 06, 2004

DS and I have been sick for a couple days now. I took him to the pediatrician yesterday and he was prescribed a steroid. It does seem to have helped. I'm considering dipping into his steroids, but no, that would be wrong.
I tried to joke with the pharmacy technician, asking him if the steroid would cause the baby to whinney and count by stomping? WHOOSH! - right over his head. I decided NOT to try the one about my baby is a little horse/hoarse. Heheh, well I can handle the scratchy throat and stuffy ears. I have some Benadryl and lots of Tylenol. So far, I've only taken the Tylenol, and that was when my fever got to 101 degrees. The fever might explain my sense of humor, I don't know. DS is sleeping now, and I really should be too.

Going to a meeting of the gals from Women of Gwinnett tonight. It'll be Italiano (yee haw!)
I hope the garlic will open up my sinuses, but whoa, not that much okay?!? :)
We are going to have a fun time, it's a great group of women.

I hired Nikkida E. to embroider a shirt for me. It's going to be a polo shirt in royal blue and will have
Darla Dixon, Portrait Artist, on it. It will be nice, like a permanent "HELLO, MY NAME IS..." tag, but with more class, obviously. It will be fun to wear it to meetings, festivals, etc.

I am still being challenged by the portrait of the bull. It is hard to see some details. I am tempted to trash what I have so far and just start over. Sometimes if I'm off on the wrong track and I just can't figure it out, it's time to just start over. Steve H. (a great artist) told me that once - not to be afraid to trash my art and start afresh. It has been very good advice. It's always good to take the advice of drunken Scots?? hahah! Well this time it was good advice anyway!

Wow! I just heard something that sounded like a strong wind. Turns out they are testing/flushing the fire hydrant that is near the front yard. Great to know that it's working! That will probably be the extent of adventure today. LOL!

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