Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My 13 month old Baby Boy is going to be called BB or maybe DS (dear son) for short in my blog.
BB has had a fever. He awoke at 3 am with a 103 degree fever. I gave him Capri Sun Strawberry to drink.
I don't normally give him that to drink at all, because it has corn syrup in it, but it got him to drink, and that's what matters when a kid has a 103 fever. Because he guzzled that down and had some Infant Tylenol drops, he was much better this morning. His fever has been around 99 and I am monitoring it. We have some Pedialyte and he refuses to drink it!!! So, except for caffeinated drinks and hard liquor, I'm going to let him have anything to drink that he wants. When you have a 27 lb 13 month old, you let him have what he wants! :)

I also have fraternal twin daughters, they're 10 (and a half) years old. You know, that half part is very important when you're 10 (and a half). I'll call them my Dear Daughters. If I mean both of them, I'll type DDs and if I mean the first born, she'll be DD1 and the second daughter will be DD2.

DD2 told me she ate a really good breakfast this morning because she has a test today. Guess what she had?
Two Eggo Waffles (drenched in syrup) and a banana. I told her she at sugar, sugar, and more sugar. She didn't get it. She thought it was healthy. Mom (me) explained starches, corn syrup, and the sugar qualities of a ripe banana ad nauseum. She was happy to see it was time to leave and escape her tedious mom.

DD1 wanted to wear some cut off shorts (claims all the kids wear them) I'm waiting to hear the actual statistics on this. DD1 wants to have her ears pierced in 3 places when she's grown up. She doesn't have any piercings now, and frankly I like it that way. She says I should have had her ears pierced when she was a baby. I told her I felt it should be HER decision and not mine, because it's an elective thing, not a necessary thing - to pierce holes in your body. A couple years ago they asked me about getting their ears pierced:

"is there going to be blood?"

Me: "Probably a little."

"uh...we'll wait then."

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