Sunday, September 26, 2004

I worked pretty late on a client's portrait last night. It involved a knit blanket, and drawing a knit blanket can take as long as actually knitting the blanket! It was a good project though. I have sent a scan of the artwork to the client to approve. I hope she likes it. This is always the gut-wrenching part of the job for me. I have absolutely no trouble starting projects, but I have trouble ending them. Maybe it has something to do with the subjects of the portraits - maybe I get close to them - too close...? Perhaps. I'm not really sure. Ending a project always leaves me excited for the client, but I feel sorry to see the artwork go, I think.
This is something to work on.

The girls wanted to go to the Gwinnett County Fair yesterday. The thought of trudging through crowds of people with the baby stroller didn't really appeal to me. I looked up the fair online, and tickets would cost our family $14 just to walk in. Then, the rides cost, food costs, add-on, add-on, add-on, etc. So I asked the girls if there was any other place they would rather go. They said emphatically, "Yellow River Game Ranch!"
So we decided to go there. It was pushing the stroller over rocky terrain, but because it's shady, pleasant, and not crowded (I HATE crowds) it was fun. It was $32.50 (that includes admission for 2 adults, 2 children, and 1 baby (I think the baby was free to get in), and some crackers and a package of carrots to feed the animals.

I had personally voted for Chuck E. Cheese, because it would involve a) sitting; b) pizza, c) games to keep the kids occupied in yes, d) an air conditioned setting. I was in a rather lazy mood.

I ended up at the Yellow River Game Ranch, petting baby goats. So cute. DS (13 months) thought it was a dog, I think. Or maybe that was just me. The Black Bears were in fine form, they caught every carrot and cracker we tossed to them. The stench was an 8 on the Mellish Meter. We saw the plantation abode of General Beauregard Lee, the prognosticating groundhog. You know, he's the one who tells us if we'll have a longer winter or not. All the local news channels come out to see what General Lee does. Gen. Lee has really moved up in the world. He even has his own satellite dish. I can just imagine his cable channel - All GroundHog, all the Time!

DS petted his first bunny rabbit. We had a picnic after we went through the Ranch. Balogna sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches, tea, Doritos, and Swiss Cake Rolls were consumed.

Well that's it from our neck of the woods. We are watching what Hurricane Jeanne has in store. My husband's family is in Fernandina Beach FL and his step-sister and step-brother are in Malabar FL and West Palm Beach FL, respectively. They had it rough from Hurricane Frances and they really need a break.
Hang in there, Florida!!!

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