Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hurricane Ivan (My county is Gwinnett, and is right next to DeKalb County). I am NOT looking forward to this.
My usual emergency preparedness mode involves making sure all the laundry and dishes are done before possible power outtage. We have the water, batteries, radio, candles etc.

DEKALB EMA IVAN UPDATE September 15, 2004

CURRENT SITUATION : As of September 15, 2004 at 9:00 AM, the National Weather Service in Peachtree City advises that Hurricane Ivan is located approximately 680 miles SW of DeKalb County. Maximum sustained winds are approximately 140 mph with tropical storm force winds extending 170 miles from the center of circulation making this a very strong Category 4 hurricane. Ivan is moving NNW at approximately 10 MPH.

The latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center projects this storm to make landfall somewhere along the Mobile, Alabama coastline and continue northeast towards Georgia. If the storm remains on this forecast track, it would enter Georgia late Thursday night as a tropical storm. In DeKalb we expect to see wind gusts between 30 and 45 MPH and severe thunderstorms with the potential for tornadic activity as a result of this system. Rainfall is expected to total between 6 and 7 inches over a three day period, beginning September 16th and ending midnight on September 18th (Saturday). The National Weather Service has already issued a Flash Flood WATCH beginning on Thursday, although we expect to see the most significant amounts on Friday. At this time there has been no announcements concerning school closing, although many events have been cancelled throughout the Metro Area. DeKalb Citizens are encouraged to monitor this situation and be prepared for the possibility of strong winds and rain over the next three days. Please keep in mind that minor changes with each advisory could result in major changes in the forecast track and storm dynamics.

All citizens are urged to prepare for this (or any) emergency by following these minimal guidelines:

· Have workable flashlights and a battery-powered radio on hand.
· Keep a supply of spare batteries in case you lose power.
· Secure lawn furniture, barbeque grills, garbage cans, and other loose outdoor objects.
· As always, ensure that a three day supply of food, medicine and other supplies are on hand.
· Please pass this information along to family, friends and neighbors.

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